Other Works by Ulli Kampelmann

While in Stuttgart, Ulli Kampelmann established and grew her art studio to the point she was one of the most successful architectural flat glass artists in Germany. See her glass artworks on the website to the right.

Ulli Kampelmann's
Glass Artworks

After emigrating with her family to the USA in 2002, Ulli Kampelmann established her art studio in Clearwater, Florida. As well, she branched into timepiece design. A number of her unique timepiece designs are shown here on the website to the right.

Ulli Kampelmann's
Watch Designs

At the grand opening of one of Ms. Kampelmann's glass art exhibitions, she was urged by one of the attending journalists to write her story as a screenplay. So with the help of her husband Steve, Ulli wrote the screenplay ESCAPINGS (the subject of this website) and this action veered her into the field of filmmaking. One thing led to another and they wound up going to Germany to film a documentary of her story themselves as an initial step. The resultant documentary is called THAT DAMNED WALL and you can see a trailer of this on the website to the right.

That Damned Wall
A Documentary

During research on an art commission for Mercedes Benz in Stuttgart, Ulli discovered a very charming but little known story that took place at the dawn of the automobile age. This story was sitting in the back of Ulli's mind for some years and when she and Steve decided to go to Germany to film That Damned Wall, they also set up and filmed interviews with a number of individuals well connected to the story. That set of interviews became their next documentary called THE CAR IS BORN and you can see it in the website to the right. In mid 2011 this documentary was placed on the film festival circuit and in January 2012 it received a "Best of the Fest" award from that Seattle based film festival.

The Car is Born
A Documentary

In March 2011 Ulli Kampelmann established her motion picture production company Kampelmann Productions which you can visit on the right.