Ulli with older brother Heiner in front of their house.

Ulli watering the flowers in her Mama's garden.

Ulli and her Mama, with brothers Heiner and Lutz successfully escaped to West Berlin in 1959. But her Papa and older sister Christa were captured. Papa was imprisoned in the Roter Ochse (Red Ox) Prison in Halle for this "crime". Dejected, Mama and the kids returned to Halle.

Ulli's Papa, a master metalsmith, standing outside his little factory behind their house.

Students at the teaching university, all wearing the uniform of the "Free German Youth" (Socialist organiazation for young adults). Ulli is the exception. She wears no uniform since she refused to join the organization. She stands in the back row on the far right.

Headphones could not be bought in East Germany. A friend hand-made these for Ulli in exchange for her Spooky Tooth LP.

Gathering scraps of old denim from friends, Ulli stitched together this skirt. Wearing jeans was a symbol of dissent and a display of rebelliousness. Jeans were "American". America was capitalism. Capitalism was the enemy of socialism.

Ulli hid in the trunk of Klaus' tiny red Renault 4 to escape to West Berlin.

Ulli with Klaus shortly after her escape to the West.

The Reinfelder School where Ulli worked in West Berlin teaching art to deaf children.

Annette Kluge, Ulli's look-alike, riding her motorcycle. Annette lent her passport to Ulli so that she could sneak back in to East Germany.

Annette playing her drums in her West Berlin apartment. An accomplished actress and musician, Annette plays drums professionally to this day.

Ulli (acting as Annette) and Klaus re-enter East Germany in this very unusual Mercedes Ambulance. The border guards were highly suspicious and the couple were a gnat's hair from being found out and imprisoned. After much discussion and With unbelievable luck, the senior guard allowed them to pass through.

(L-R) Klaus, Heiner, Ulli, Mama, Lutz and Jutta (Heiner's wife) enjoying Christmas together. This was taken just a few hours before her final and third escape back into West Berlin.